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Faculty & Staff

St. Mary Cathedral School


Faculty and Staff

  Name Title
Kim Bebble Bebble, Kim Kindergarten Teacher
Jerry Belanger Belanger, Jerry Principal
Brittany Book Book, Brittany Young 5 Teacher
Karen Borowiak Borowiak, Karen MS Science Teacher
Sarah Butler Butler, Sarah HS English Teacher
Paul Casey Casey, Paul HS Math Teacher
Mark Corbiser Corbiser, Mark
Matt Damer Damer, Matt 2nd Grade Teacher
Chris Dobrzelewski Dobrzelewski, Chris Food Service Manager
Heather Glasby Glasby, Heather Assistant Principal
Richard Goepp Goepp, Richard HS Physical Science Teacher
Eva Grusczynski Grusczynski, Eva MS Teacher
Nicholas Hemker Hemker, Nicholas Communications Coordinator
Joyce Hollenbaugh Hollenbaugh, Joyce Music Teacher
Lisa Hopp Hopp, Lisa Art Teacher
Caryn Jacobs Jacobs, Caryn Technical Support
Jen Jeffers Jeffers, Jen Athletic Director
Kelly Kirk Kirk, Kelly Stay at home mother
Andrea Kirkby Kirkby, Andrea Stay at home mom/School Volunteer
Alfa Kleven Kleven, Alfa Special Resources and Spanish
Amy Kuznicki Kuznicki, Amy SCRIP Coordinator
Rita LaVictoire LaVictoire, Rita Instrumental Music Teacher
Elaine Letourneau Letourneau, Elaine Kindergarten Teacher
Laura Mastenbrook Mastenbrook, Laura Fourth Grade Teacher
Erin Matts Matts, Erin Kindergarten Teacher
Jim Myler Myler, Jim Coach
Pauline Myler Myler, Pauline Administrative Assistant
Chelsea Nowak Nowak, Chelsea After School Academy
Tracy O'Connell O'Connell, Tracy Guidance Counselor
School Office Office, School
Kristen Payton Payton, Kristen
Nichole Ratliff Ratliff, Nichole 1st Grade Teacher
Kay Roggow Roggow, Kay 6th Grade Teacher
Susan Roundy Roundy, Susan Secretary
Lindsey Sims Sims, Lindsey Preschool Teacher
Sandra Skowronski Skowronski, Sandra 5th grade Teacher
Lori Smith Smith, Lori After School Academy
Melissa Switalski Switalski, Melissa Accountant
Natalie Udell Udell, Natalie HS Life Science Teacher
Chris Ulewicz Ulewicz, Chris HS Religion Teacher
Ryan Warriner Warriner, Ryan HS History & Government