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Faculty & Staff

St. Mary Cathedral School


Faculty and Staff

  Name Title
Julie Baker Baker, Julie Instructor
Kim Bebble Bebble, Kim Instructor
Andrea Belisle Belisle, Andrea
Jessica Benoit Benoit, Jessica Instructor
Jill Boadway Boadway, Jill Instructor
Brittany Book Book, Brittany Instructor
Penny Clemens Clemens, Penny Diocesan Superintendent
Loren Cobb Cobb, Loren
Matt Damer Damer, Matt Instructor
Angela Gapinski Gapinski, Angela para pro
Heather Glasby Glasby, Heather Principal
Richard Goepp Goepp, Richard Instructor
Eva Grusczynski Grusczynski, Eva Instructor
Samantha Jones Jones, Samantha Teacher
Kelly Kirk Kirk, Kelly Teacher Aide
Andrea Kirkby Kirkby, Andrea Teacher Aide
Rachel Koronka Koronka, Rachel Instructor
Amy Kuznicki Kuznicki, Amy Food Service Manager
Tiffani Makarewicz Makarewicz, Tiffani Instructor
Erin Matts Matts, Erin Instructor
Rich Moffit Moffit, Rich
Pauline Myler Myler, Pauline Administrative Assistant
Tracy O'Connell O'Connell, Tracy Guidance Counselor
Kristen Payton Payton, Kristen Instructor
Sarah Peterson Peterson, Sarah
Eric Pohl Pohl, Eric
Jeff Pretzlaff Pretzlaff, Jeff Instructor
Kay Roggow Roggow, Kay Instructor
Susan Roundy Roundy, Susan Secretary
Jenny Sides Sides, Jenny Instructor
Lindsey Sims Sims, Lindsey Teacher
Sandra Skowronski Skowronski, Sandra Instructor
Michelle Sullivan Sullivan, Michelle
Natalie Udell Udell, Natalie Instructor
Chris Ulewicz Ulewicz, Chris Instructor
Laura Woods Woods, Laura Office Manager
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