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Tuition Rates

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Tuition Rates

St. Mary Cathedral School is a ministry of St. Mary Cathedral Parish and the rates below include a contribution made by the parish to support each family. St. Mary Cathedral Parish contributes between $1,500-$3,900 per student depending on family size and parishioner status.

  • The Parishioner Rate below is offered to registered parishioners who attend Mass regularly and practice active stewardship at their parish. Those who contribute $750 or more to their Sunday Offertory each calendar year by December 31st are eligible.

CASH RAFFLE TICKET SALES ARE REQUIRED TO RECEIVE THE TUITION RATES SHOWN BELOW: To keep our tuition costs low (and to support the gap between the actual expenses of education and tuition income), families are required to sell Cash Raffle Tickets for our annual Cash Raffle Drawing. Each ticket is $25 and families with students in Kindergarten through 12th grade are assigned 40 tickets, tuition value $1,000. Families with only Pre-K students are assigned 12 tickets, tuition value $300. We encourage families to sell tickets to friends, families, neighbors, and to sign up to sell their tickets after the weekend Masses. If tickets go unsold, the remaining balance will be charged to the family's FACTS (tuition) account.

If a family chooses not to sell CASH RAFFLE TICKETS, $1,000 (or $300 for Pre-K) will be added to their tuition account.

Preschool Tuition Rates: 3-Year-old program                                   Young 5 Tuition Rates: 4-5 year-old program
3 Days/Week (full day, M, W, F): $2,750/year                                   5 days a week (full day M-F): $3,600/year
2 Days/Week (full day, T/TH): $1,950/year                                        (Plus $300 Cash Raffle Obligation)
(Preschool does not participate in Cash Raffle Ticket Sales)                                 

Kindergarten through 8th Grade:                                                       High School:
Parishioner Rate: $3,600/year                                                             Parishioner Rate: $4,100/year
Non-Parishioner Rate: $5,100/year                                                    Non-Parishioner Rate: $5,830/year
(Plus $1,000 Cash Raffle Ticket Obligation)                                                               (Plus $1,000 Cash Raffle Ticket Obligation) 
The Good News! Discounts are offered for families that have multiple students enrolled. For specific multiple student discounts please contact the school office. (THESE RATES DO NOT INCLUDE THE CASH RAFFLE TICKET OBLIGATION) Some examples include:                                            
Parishioner Multi Student Rate:                                                                 Non-Parishioner Multi Student Rate:
2 in K-8th:                           $ 5,760                                                                $ 8,160                 
3 or more in K-8th:             $ 7,560                                                                $10,710 for 3 + $2550 for each student after 3
2 in High School:                $ 6,560                                                                $ 9,328
3 or more in HS:                 $ 8,610                                                                $12,243 for 3 + $2915 for each student after 3
1 in HS and 1 in K-8th:       $ 6,260                                                                 $ 8,890                                                                 
1 in HS and 2 in K-8th:       $ 8,060                                                                 $11,440
2 in HS and 1 in K-8th:       $ 8,360                                                                 $11,878

Did you know? It costs approximately $7,500 to educate a child at St. Mary Cathedral School.
The role of fundraising and community support is essential to our long-term success


Ways to Manage and Reduce Tuition Costs:

Easy payment plans to fit any family budget size. Our goal is to work with families to plan and manage tuition. For more details please visit your FACTS Account online through

Tuition Angel Scholarships and Assistance are an integral part of the St. Mary Cathedral School Legacy. On average, about $100,000 is awarded to students and their families each school year. Scholarships are awarded to K-12 students on the basis of financial need as determined by the successful completion of a FACTS Needs Assessment (which is completely confidential and managed by a third-party vendor to ensure family privacy and security of information).

Tuition Scholarships are awarded in the following order of priority, once financial need has been determined.

1). Currently enrolled students whose families are parishioners in good standing at St. Mary Cathedral, have pre-registered and paid the registration fee—awards up to 75% of tuition.

2). Children of registered and contributing members of other Roman Catholic parishes-awards of up to 60% of tuition.

3). Children of non-Catholics families—awards up to 50% of tuition.

Free Tuition for One Quarter for all new K-12 families.

Refer students to St. Mary Cathedral School. Families that refer new families, who in turn become enrolled students, will receive a one-time tuition credit. For more details please contact the school office.

Sign up to Volunteer. In addition to the required 30 volunteer hours as a St. Mary Cathedral School parent, there are other volunteer opportunities that extend beyond what is expected. These volunteer opportunities are regular and require extensive parent involvement. With a commitment to long-term volunteer service, tuition discounts are available. Please contact the School Principal for more details.

SCRIP (Now called Raise Right) earns money to help pay your tuition. This is a program where gift cards are purchased and used for the full-face value and a percentage is given back as a tuition credit. Apply online at or contact the school office. Our school enrollment code is: 1D83D8DA8723

Be sure to sell your raffle tickets and meet your parishioner stewardship commitment to keep tuition rates low.

It is important to know that tuition is essential to the successful operations of our school. As a result, if tuition is not current, students will be unable to participate in extracurricular activities, receive a report card, participate in graduation, enroll in the upcoming year, or have permanent records transferred to another school. Before those situations arise, plan to meet with our Principal to create a manageable plan for your family.

Have Questions? Phone a friend, We are here to help:
St. Mary Cathedral School Office: 989-732-5801  |  St. Mary Cathedral Parish Office: 989-732-5448