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COVID-19 Updates

As of April 8th, 2020

Dear St. Mary Parents and Guardians,

As always, we first turn to our Lord in prayer:

Lord Jesus, you came into the world to heal our infirmities and to endure our sufferings. You went about healing all and bringing comfort to those in pain and need. We come before you now in this time of illness asking that you may be the source of our strength in body, courage in spirit and patience in pain. May we join ourselves more closely to you on the cross and in your suffering that through them we may draw our patience and hope. Please assist our St. Mary students, families, staff and community physically, emotionally and spiritually in their need and unite us more closely as we give praise and honor to your name. Amen.

We are praying that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and well during this unprecedented time. Know that you will continue to be in our prayers as our small, but mighty school moves forward together. We want you to know that although education is looking different, we as a St. Mary Cathedral School family are committed to fulfilling our school mission of dedication to nurturing lifelong discipleship in the Lord, promoting academic excellence, and cultivating God-given talents. Our teachers and staff have been working hard to ensure that your students still feel connected to their classmates and teachers. We hope you have had a good experience with the zoom technology, google classrooms and email communications. Thank you for your patience as we all adjust to this distance learning. 

Our small, but mighty school has many strengths to help us meet this goal and continue to meet our mission. Our Catholic School is built upon faith and sacrifice. We have parents, grandparents and volunteers who sacrifice their time and give of their talents and resources. Our students light up our lives, bringing joy to others, giving of their talents, serving others, striving for knowledge and caring for their peers and community. We are supported by our Parish, spiritually and financially. We have strong leaders, teachers, coaches and staff who are compassionate, knowledgeable and intentionally providing students with a Catholic education. We are fortunate to have access to technology to help us maneuver positively through this time. We have a community that comes together in both good and struggling times. We have the history of those who have gone before us to offer inspiration. As a previous superintendent, Rev. Francis Murphy stated when he was asked how a school survives 100 years, at our centennial anniversary in 1994, "It's a walk in faith...". As we walk together in faith and action, we want to provide you with some resources to continue to help you and your families during this time. Please click here for the full resource page.

Our faculty and staff continue to meet virtually and will be reviewing parent and student feedback. We know that children do well and feel safer when they know what to expect next. We hope that the schedules/zoom times that our teachers have developed help to structure your days at home. We understand that we need to remain flexible as families have different circumstances and are experiencing financial, emotional, and other stresses as the number of coronavirus cases rise. Our students’ health and overall well-being remains our overall focus.

We will continue to solicit feedback from parents and students throughout the distance learning process. If you have additional feedback or concerns that you would like to share, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You all remain in our prayers. 

In closing we pray,

Have a Blessed and Safe Holy Week,

Tracy O'Connell   |   School Counselor
Jerry Belanger   |   Principal

As of April 2nd, 2020

St. Mary Cathedral School Families,

I am sure most of you are aware that the Governor has issued an executive order to close all schools for the remainder of the school year. This will effectively end face-to-face learning at St. Mary Cathedral School. The school will remain closed to any public gatherings for k-12 sports, or other extra curricular activities. Upon completion of our online schooling, our seniors will graduate and our other students will move to their next grade level.

When the first closing was announced by the Governor on March 13th, our staff immediately began to organize for online schooling. Beginning the week of March 16th, this new phase of education began and our students' education was not delayed. Upon the completion of our spring break, school was back in session. Our students have all continued earning their credits and receiving their education. We realize this is a new normal for our students and our teachers, so please share with us your concerns. 

We appreciate your continued support of our school tuition. With weekly public celebration of Mass being suspended, our weekly offertory has fallen significantly, which has a direct effect on the support our parish can provide to our school. Our priests, administration, and most of our teachers have voluntarily taken a pay reduction as we make our way through this most unusual time. The dedication and love our staff has shown to the survival of our school is a blessing from God. The support our families continue to show for our school is a shining example of our faith and loyalty. If you are struggling with tuition, or are in need of additional support, please call or e-mail myself to discuss. It is my prayer that we are able to complete this school year and have our students prepared for their next level.

In closing, please know we are in partnership with you to continue our Catholic education for our children. May we always remember that we are a resilient people, especially with prayer and love of country. Our Faith and our country have faced many, many obstacles, but we are tough! We persevere, we pray, we help those less fortunate, we work hard, we are American. Be Not Afraid!

God Bless you all!
Catholic Tough,
Jerry Belanger