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Jeanne Mouch

Jeanne Mouch
Jeanne Mouch
Visual Communications Coordinator
  • College Baker University

Education: BA of Visual Communications, with a minor in Web Development & Marketing

What I do For the School: Working part-time, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am - 3 pm I do School Branding & Marketing (Along with Christie Perdue & Shannon O'Connor), Web Development (content, code, images, & updates), Graphic Design (apparel, school media, documents, & main events), Social Media Marketing (Facebook & other social avenues), MailChimp (Newsletter), Weekly Church Monitor

Photo Journalism (volunteer-based) : Owner of Sister Sister Photography

Family: As a mom of three little ones, Evan (7), Lily (4), Arielle (2), I am always on my toes, but I love every minute of it! My Husband, Josh Mouch, is a Computer Software Engineer and we met through his sister (my best friend & business partner). Josh and I have been married for 12 years and have built a family to love & cherish forever!

Fun facts: In High School, I competed in many sports (XC, Basketball, Volleyball, Track), was president of BPA (Business Professionals of America), Graduated with Honors. I received many scholarships and my parents were so confused as to why I wanted to go into communications as a career, they wanted me to be in the medical field. Contemplating for a while, I was down to two choices, Dermatology or Communications...completely different, I know. My choice was made, I loved digital media outlets and in communications, things are constantly changing, this was right for me.

Firm Belief: Above all else, pray. Always be kind... We are not to be like weeds in a garden letting negativity and falsities take root, be honest, be kind. Let people tell their own story... when we do not walk in their shoes, we should not judge as we do. Follow this format, and I firmly believe this world will be a less confusing and kinder place to live.


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